We are happy to announce the X’MAS 2020 — NEW YEAR 2021 event with a total prize pool of 110 USDT

Time: 00:00, December 25, 2020 to 23:59, January 1st, 2021 (UTC+0)

1. 40 USDT — 1st prize
2. 30 USDT — 2nd prize
3. 20 USDT — 3rd prize
4. 15 USDT — 4th prize
5. 5 USDT — 5th prize

X’MAS 2020 — NEW YEAR 2021 Event consists of 3 sections:

(1) Joining:

Follow KDAG Twitter page ( and join KDAG Telegram group (

(2) Interaction:

2.1. Like and retweet the post
2.2. Comment about KDAG and tag 5 of your friends in the event tweet
2.3. Chat for 10 minutes daily (at a different time) for 5 successive days (Last day: January 1, 2021) in the KDAG telegram group to unlock your Quiz round

Kindly fill this form ( to complete step 1, step 2.1, and step 2.2 without fail.

(3) Unlock Quiz:
3.1. The Quiz unlocked participants will be notified via the KDAG telegram pinned message
3.2. Those shortlisted participants will have to attend the Quiz round on January 1, 2021, with 10 questions, that will be asked in different time (to be answered within 10 minutes after each Quiz question)


  1. Don’t forget to fill the form ( for the completion of Steps 1, 2.1, and 2.2. The KDAG team will not consider the participants who failed to fill-up the form.
  2. The rewards of the overall Quiz round will be distributed within 72 hours after the event ends.
  3. The KDAG team reserves the right to disqualify any participant found to be cheating.
  4. The KDAG team reserves the right to amend the promotion rules at any time.
  5. No participant should use duplicate accounts of either telegram or Twitter to double or more participation in the event.
  6. The daily interaction of 10 minutes by different participants will be monitored carefully by the external auditors.
  7. Based on the 100% completion of step 1 (Joining) and step 2 (Interaction) instructions, the name list of unlocked quiz participants will be announced through the KDAG telegram pinned message.
  8. The final winners will be decided by the KDAG team based on the “First Come — First Serve” basis and the KDAG team deserves the right to amend it anytime without any notice.
  9. The KDAG team will not consider the edited answers in the Quiz event (in the KDAG telegram group).

We hope you win and have fun with us!

Advance Happy Christmas 2020 & New Year 2021!




Creating a new generation of blockchain infrastructure.

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KDAG Foundation

Creating a new generation of blockchain infrastructure.

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