KDAG, King of Directed Acylic Graph, will become the Future Leader in Blockchain 3.0

After years of development and expansion, the blockchain industry has moved to its third generation, Blockchain 3.0. In this fierce competition, owning the technology of Direct Acyclic Graph, aka DAG, is the key to stand out. With this concept in mind, KDAG, King of DAG, caught our attention.

DAG, a directed graph data structure that uses a topological ordering, is often applied to problems related to data processing, scheduling, finding the best route in navigation, and data compression. Since its invention, DAG and its corresponding chain, Dagchain, have fix some of the efficiency and scalability issues linked to Blockchain. Thanks to the blockless nature of DAG, the transactions can run directly into the DAG networks, and the whole process is much faster than those of blockchains based on PoW and PoS. Also, as there are no miners on DAG networks, the validation of transactions goes directly to the transactions themselves, which means transactions go through almost instantly.

Currently, KDAG is working on the core technology of DAG, including developing the unique “Hug” algorithm and surf effect, which can achieve complete decentralisation and high security of transaction privacy. In addition, through breaking the traditional chain structure and designing a new consensus mechanism on KDAG, TPS can reach 30,000+ per second, which is a great breakthrough. In all, with the latest technology developed by KDAG, users can experience a variety of benefits, including quicker transactions and the highest security possible.

KDAG, as its name implies, is built on DAG technology and is with a strong vision of creating a new generation of blockchain infrastructure for the globe. With KDAG’s community under fast development, and taking into consideration of its achievement so far, it is believed that KDAG will be a shinning star in Blockchain 3.0 and a forerunner in DAG technology.

Creating a new generation of blockchain infrastructure.

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