KDAG Monthly Update | April 1–30, 2020

[Technology Development]

  1. Modified the KDAG project readme instructions document
  2. Updated some code of secP256k1 elliptic curve encryption algorithm in Github
  3. Debugged service peer partial code logic
  4. Write json_peer_set code logic, implement JSON file initialization, and read and write functional interfaces. Write add unit test file json_peer_set_test for related functional tests, solve related bugs
  5. Write peer_set code logic, implement peer_set structure, peer newly increased, hash, codec and other functional interfaces, and carry out functional testing to solve related bugs
  6. Add supermajority and trustcount functional interface, and conduct functional tests to solve related bugs
  7. Design control timer code logic, realize ControlTimer struct structure, realize factory mode and other functional interfaces, and test to solve related bugs
  8. Add KDAG state machine state logic, add node validator structure
  9. Test supermajority and trustcount functional interfaces, and conduct functional tests to resolve related bugs
  10. Test KDAG state machine state logic, modify related bugs, add test interface
  11. Improve the interface between the validator and state pack, test the KDAG pack, and add logs to facilitate locating the problem
  12. Design to introduce the hashgraph part of the structure, badger_store part, test compatibility with existing code logic
  13. Technical support, drawing technical architecture, adding and improving technical key-point details, writing key technical description documents

[Community Development]

  1. Preparing for the launch of KDAG in Coinone, one of the most famous Korean exchanges in May 2020.
  2. KDAG community engagement planning and preparation planned to be officially released to the community users in May.
  3. KDAG has recently elaborated three innovative technological advantages: the hug algorithm, the surf effect, and the KDAG structure, which will provide greater safety, convenience, stability, and effectiveness.

4. According to the Roadmap,KDAG has completed the construction of the underlying main network in Q1. This mainly contains the following works:

1)The design and test of crypto algorithm and related encode/decode SDK work.

2)The design and dummy test entrance of CLI commands interface.

3) The core module is under development, and is tuning the core structure of hashgrpah such as EVENT, BLOCK, BADGER_STORE,FRAME, ROUNDINFO .etc.

4) The node/peer role in p2p network is under development, some key points need to be improved to coordinate the whole distributed system.

5) Designing the Service architecture in the system, and testing some key interface.

We use a communication protocol where participants regularly tell each other anything they know about what each one else knows. These are referred to as Full Information Protocols, aka ‘gossip about gossip’. KDAG implements Lamport Timestamps on top of the hashgraph, but with added steps for Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

In general, KDAG is based on our own reconstructed interpretation of Hashgraph, but also builds upon other techniques that facilitate coordination within the distributed systems.

KDAG will start the implementation of the underlying “Hug” algorithm in Q2, which will realize the decentralization of transaction privacy security.

5. Through rigorous planning and effective operations, KDAG has made good progress in the community, with a steadily growing Twitter and Telegram community, paving the way for the next phase of global expansion.

6. KDAG and the Achain Galaxy have reached a strategic intent to cooperate, and the two sides will fully cooperate to help KDAG in the next phase of global expansion.

7. Preparatory work related to KDAG media outreach is in progress.

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