KDAG Monthly Update | April 1–30, 2022

  1. Design new credentials new package code file, add newCredentialsCmd, genCredentialsCmd and other basic APIs for creating new key pair commands, and solve related testing problems.
  2. Design newEvmDecodeCmd to return the command to check the encrypted information of Ethernet, Design addEvmDecodeFlags to add flag bits to the EvmDecode command.
  3. Design new knode encode command, new EncodeKeyByMoniker, UpdateEncode and other APIs, design knode encryption function.
  4. Design new knode decode command, and DecodeKey, DecodeAddress and other related data structures, design knode decryption and verification system functions.
  5. Design a new knode babble configuration file, BabbleConfig contains the configuration of Babble nodes used by monetd.
  6. Design new knode hashtag code file, add newHashtagCmd, queryHashtagCmd, bindHashtag and other related knode node hashtag basic API, and solve related testing problems.
  7. Design the new Kdag-hub decode command, design the new DecodeKeyByMoniker support Moniker, design the json format import and export parsing knode encryption, verification system functions.
  8. Design the new Kdag-hub crowd module, design the new CrowdFunding.sol file, new crowd-funding-demo.sh demo script.
  9. Design new runBabble file, add newBabbleCmd, bindBabbleStatusCmd and other related basic APIs to start babble node interface, and solve related testing problems.
  10. New design babble save output interface SaveBabble, the interface will be related to tree objects and configuration files back to babble file to improve the efficiency of the start loading.
  11. Design new web3VirtualMod, the module is used for compatibility with the web3 protocol. Add newWeb3VirtualId function to create web3 virtual ID for specified users. design new web3NodeConfig, new functions to read web3 nodes and other functions and configuration parameters.



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