KDAG Monthly Update | December 1–31, 2020

[Technology Development]

1. In Github, the KDAG Dev team has committed the code 20 times and modified 14 code files.

2. Exchange technical support, testing to solve code module logic problems.

The details are as follows:

1. Test add build scripts, docker build scripts, dist build scripts.

2. Add and optimize the common module rolling_index file code comment description, new code interface, increase the readability of the code.

3. Add median code file to test adaptation of median logic for processing.

4. Add KDAG signature module with code comment description to increase code readability.

5. Optimize the interface function for adding the hashgraph module to return error handling.

6. Add New gitignore file, fill in the code git filter option.

7. Update test script configuration options, listeners, proxies, client connection optimization.

8. Modify and optimize the interface API for exchanging connection removal metadata when establishing p2p connections between node peers.

9. Modify the sliding window logic in the node cache to clear the oldest element option.

[Community Development]

  1. KDAG started the “KDAG AMA TUOR” series, and CEO Maksym attended the first AMA in the AQ community on December 11.

2. KDAG held a community Christmas and New Year quiz. For details, please read:https://twitter.com/KDAGFoundation/status/1341189845226455042

3. KDAG CEO Maksym participated in the AMA held at the CRYPTOWID Indonesia community on December 30

4. KDAG AMA TOUR series continues to be prepared.

5. Preparation for KDAG media promotion.




Creating a new generation of blockchain infrastructure.

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KDAG Foundation

KDAG Foundation

Creating a new generation of blockchain infrastructure.

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