KDAG Monthly Update | December 1–31, 2021

  1. Design new dogye network start interface and related data structure, design and improve the new interface newStartCmd addStartFlags networkStart RemoveNetwork, etc.
  2. Design a new startDockerNetwork exportDockerConfigs interface, which will integrate the netowrk module with the docker module.
  3. Design a new dogye location module, a new interface newLocationCmd networkLocation, the command interface specifically show the system location of Dogye related configuration files, test and solve related problems.
  4. Design new dogye dmup module and related data structure, new interface newDumpCmd networkDump, the command interface Dump dump network configuration to local files, test and solve related problems.
  5. Design new dogye aws module and related data structure, new networkAWS buildNetworkConfig exportAWSConfigs interface, the interface is designed to write aws configuration files and save.
  6. Design dogye network command, fix createdogyeRootNetworkFolders interface, which imports dogye demo related configuration options and detects its legality.
  7. Design the new GetDockerClient interface, which returns the docker client for external interfaces to call, improve the netowrk docker CreateContainerFromImage interface, which creates a container and returns its ID module, improve the netowrk docker RemoveContainer interface, which removes a container; add docker ConnectContainerToNetwork interface, which connects the created container to the existing network; also integrate this interface to the dogye push command command and test to solve related problems.
  8. New design toml save output interface SaveToml, the interface will be related to the tree object and configuration file (return) into the toml file to improve the efficiency of the start loading, improve the dogye start command start logic, for simple changes to the tree than to ungroup the whole tree faster and easier, new setListenAddressInToml interface edit knode.toml and set kdag.listen.
  9. Design new docker StartContainer interface which provides the ability to start a container previously created by CreateContainerFromImage, new CopyToContainer to copy directories/files to containers, CopyFromContainer to copy files/directories from containers, new newTarArchiveFromPath interface, test and solve related problems.
  10. Design new dcoker CreateNetwork API, which creates a docker network interface, new SafeCreateNetwork API, which provides a wrapper for CreateNetwork, but first make sure the network configuration exists, test and solve related problems.
  11. Improve netowrk docker related interface: exportDockerConfigs exportDockerNodeConfig interface, build docker configuration to be ready to push all configurations, and integrate netowrk module related functions with docker module and test to solve related problems.
  12. Improve the dogye network command, add and design generateKdagPrivateKey, decrypt the authenticator private key using the keystore related password, and dump it to the KDAG configuration.
  13. Design new dogye push module and related data structure, new interface newPushCmd networkPush pushDockerNode, etc., build a docker node configuration and start it, test and solve related problems, docker module improve dogye network command, improve network init interface, the interface initializes dogye demo all command cmd interface.



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