KDAG Monthly Update | February 1–28, 2022

  1. Design the new location interface and related data structure, design and improve the new interface newLocationCmd addLocationFlags networkLocation RemoveNetworkLocation, etc.
  2. Design the new pullCommand exportPullConfigs interface, which integrates the functions of the location module with the docker module.
  3. Design new giverny config module, new interface newGivernyConfig, this command interface shows the system location of giverny related configuration files, test and solve related problems.
  4. Design new pull dmup module and related data structure, new interface newPullCmd networkPull. The command interface pull dump network configuration to local files, test and solve related problems.
  5. Design new giverny aws module and related data structure, new networkAWS buildNetworkConfig exportAWSConfigs interface, the interface is designed to write aws configuration files and save.
  6. Design the giverny network command, fix the createGivernyRootNetworkFolders interface, which imports giverny demo related configuration options and detects their legitimacy.
  7. Design the new getEvmServer interface, which returns the Evm server for external interfaces to call; refine the createEvm interface, which creates a virtual machine and returns its ID; refine the removeEvm interface, which removes a virtual machine; add the connectEvm interface, which connects the created virtual machine to an existing The interface is also integrated into the giverny pull command and tested to resolve issues.
  8. New design yaml SaveYaml interface, which writes the relevant tree objects and configuration files (returns) to the yaml file, improves the efficiency of start loading, improves the giverny start command start logic, for simple changes, the hashtable structure is faster than the tree structure, new setListenAddressInYaml interface to edit knode.yaml and set kdag.listen.
  9. Design new stop file, add newStopCmd, bindFlags and other basic APIs for closing knode node interface, and solve related testing problems.
  10. Design a new Kdag-hub mine package, add Hash, HashRecord, JsonMineFile, MinePeerRecord and other data structures, add buildHash and other APIs, test and solve mine hash construction and configuration related problems.
  11. Design a new mine storage file, add a new getStorage function to create a mapping of the storage records for a given set of initial verifier mines.
  12. Design a new knode blacklist file, add functions such as read blacklist and configure parameter entry APIs.



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