KDAG Monthly Update | July 1–31, 2020

[Technology Development]

  1. Github code has been committed 41 times and 67 code files have been modified and added.
  2. Update the go mod dependency package to solve the compilation problem of code dependency package.
  3. Add and test hashgraph badger_store logic, mobile storage badger DB related interface code, node module logic NewNode, NewCore, etc., and solve related problems.
  4. Add unit test files for hashgraph-related modules to solve unit test interface logic problems.
  5. Adding makefile build scripts, as well as demo build scripts and solving related problems.
  6. Solve node state interface compatibility problem, design node state conversion logic, add proxy file, design proxy interface.
  7. Design and add module logic such as net network transmission and communication (TCP/RPC) layer, control_timer control logic, solve the logic and problems of net/node associated information module, fix the defect of roundEvent in hashgraph, and solve related bugs.
  8. Add hashgraph: getinfos/getrounds/getevent and other low-level information interfaces, initial creation node information, validator information, etc. Load node genesis file interfaces.
  9. Design and modify the webRTC communication access processing mechanism, debug the WebRTC signaling mechanism interface used by WebRTCTransport.
  10. Added signal package to optimize the way node peers exchanges connection metadata before establishing a p2p connection and its efficiency.
  11. Design and add wamp WebSocket server (with certificate mechanism), the server relay between the two servers RPC requests to connect to the client, the client to implement the Signal interface, which can be used to instantiate the webRTCStreamLayer.
  12. Modify the log format, add the log, and solve the problem of insufficient output log information.
  13. Fix encrypted information crypto-related interface, add config related options.

[Community Development]

  1. KDAG officially listed on Bittrex, one of the world’s most famous exchanges, on July 8.
  2. Financialcontent、The Arizona Gazette, Newsok, Buffalonews, Time Online, and many other prominent overseas media outlets each reported on the “KDAG Is Listed on Bittrex, Marking a Great Leap in KDAG’s Global Expansion”.
  3. KDAG officially listed on Indodax Exchange on July 22, the largest exchange in Indonesia.
  4. Dailyherald、Pawtucket Times、Wapak Daily News、Buffalonewsand many other prominent overseas media outlets each reported on the “KDAG is Listed on Indodax, the Biggest Exchange in Indonesia”.
  5. KDAG and Eminer have entered into a strategic partnership in which Eminer will share resources with KDAG for community building and collaborate in the field of mining technology to create a top-tier blockchain ecosystem.

6. KDAG tweets about its THROUGHPUT technical standard with the overseas community.

7. KDAG shares one of its technical standards with overseas community:AVAILABILITY.




Creating a new generation of blockchain infrastructure.

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KDAG Foundation

KDAG Foundation

Creating a new generation of blockchain infrastructure.

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