KDAG Monthly Update | July 1–31, 2021

KDAG Foundation
2 min readAug 30, 2021


[Technology Development]

  1. In Github, the KDAG Dev team has committed the code 25 times and modified 22 files.
  2. Community technical support, testing to solve code module logic problems.

The details are as follows:

  1. Test to solve the hashgraph unit test signal event, wire event module problems, timestamp format parsing problems, new boundary test, and other conditions.
  2. Solve the problem of judging when the cache size of NewLRU is 0, and add LRU resize function interface.
  3. LRU module Add stack trace code base to display more accurate error log information to facilitate problem location.
  4. Solve the problem of forced conversion of lru/hex module types, and add fault-tolerant logic for failed conversions.
  5. Upgrade codec library to version 1.2.6, solve jsoncodec/decodec efficiency problem.
  6. Optimized the new error package to improve the accuracy of the error log output display.
  7. Make the crypto module add Ripemd160 encryption and decryption interface and its corresponding unit test cases.
  8. Update code dependency library cobra, viber to a new version, solve related upgrade compilation problems, introduce unit test code library testify, improve the efficiency of unit testing.
  9. Add code comments, refactor some code files to enhance code readability, design a new golangci-lint shell check tool script, optimize check rules to improve KDAG code quality.

[Community Development]

  1. KDAG held the Guess & Win Contest 100 USDT Event and completed the rewards distribution. Check more details at:https://twitter.com/KDAGFoundation/status/1414237379133468679
  2. KDAG posted the RoadMap Progress report. Check more details at: https://t.co/rh2WONhp7J?amp=1
  3. KDAG was added to MCS,check more details at:https://twitter.com/MyCryptoStats/status/1411442914442596355
  4. KDAG community activities are in progress.
  5. Preparation for KDAG media promotion.