KDAG Monthly Update | June 1–30, 2020

  1. Test hashgraph packages such as root round event frame block and sort out related logical interfaces.
  2. Design and test validator and state-related logical interfaces.
  3. Solve the problem of node compilation dependencies.
  4. Test hashgraph logic to solve the link timeout problem of the p2p net module.
  5. Technical support, KDAG charge, and deposit design, and form technical documents.
  6. Design and test the hashgraph InMemory part of the data interface, design the interactive p2p peer part settings, and the round event frame block and other hashgraph related logical Joint interfaces.
  7. Design and test the Internal transaction interface, verify the related signature, encryption, verification, and serialization-deserialization interface.
  8. Add module log to facilitate problem location.
  9. Add and test the code logic of the hashgraph cache part.

[Community Development]

  1. Prepared for KDAG’s July 2020 listing on Bittrex, one of the world’s most prestigious exchanges, to ensure readiness before the launch.
  2. Representatives of the KDAG team participated in an offline blockchain exchange event hosted by the Korean forum Hashhnet Blockchain, the first offline event to be held in Korea after the epidemic, and had an in-depth exchange with local blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts.

3. KDAG was invited to participate in the “Together for 2020 Blockchain Application Innovation Conference” this month and is preparing for the upcoming Blockchain Week in Hangzhou, China.

4. KDAG was invited to participate in the China Shenzhen Blockchain Week, hoping that together with its peers, blockchain technology can help solve the problem of food safety traceability and human flow information tracking, to help prevent epidemics.

5. KDAG releases technical features: hug (HUG) algorithm, surf (SURF) effect, KDAG architecture.

6. KDAG publishes a technical article describing KDAG’s technical standards. For more information, visit: https://medium.com/@KDAGFoundation/technical-standards-of-king-dag-499eebbddbf0

7. KDAG publishes a technical article describing KDAG’s data structure. For more information, visit: https://medium.com/@KDAGFoundation/data-structure-of-king-dag-2d9be7ed6d55



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