KDAG Monthly Update | March 1–31, 2022

  1. Design new benchmarks script, which is used to simplify and standardize the node build process and provide build transaction functionality.
  2. Add a new loadIPFS API, which is used to fetch, upload and update IPFS data.
  3. Add solo transaction API, add addSoloFlags, newSoloCmd, soloTransactions interfaces.
  4. Add aws network config to simplify the configuration and deployment process of nodes on aws.
  5. Add a new transaction chainId check to solve the problem that transactions of different ID master chains can be mixed with each other.
  6. New network start/stop file, new startDockerNetwork, networkStop interfaces, used to start or shutdown network in Docker container.
  7. Design new AllocProxy object, which contains information about pre-built proxies. New API GenerateGenesisProxy Generate Genesis Proxy.
  8. Design the new outmemProxy, outmemKdag data structure and related operational interfaces. outmemKdag uses in-memory Kdag node nodes to help implement the EVM consensus interface. outmemProxy implements the kdag AppProxy interface.
  9. Test and solve the interface and interface logic of the compiled POA consensus bytecode contract, and test the contract security related issues.
  10. Design a new transaction storage file and add the createTransactionStorage API to create a storage map for a given set of transaction records.



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