KDAG Monthly Update | May 1–31, 2021

[Technology Development]

  1. In Github, the KDAG Dev team has committed the code 32 times and modified 13 files.

The details are as follows:

  1. Refine and calculate bft timestamp without checking its core event parent or signature, insert it into FrameEvent’s core event, thus setting the cache when the witness and timestamp are not recalculated.

[Community Development]

  1. The overall goal of the KDAG release: KDAG is of higher complexity and is harder to change, so the biggest hidden problem of Bitcoin and Ethereum is solved here, that is, there is no definite unchangeable final state.

2. KDAG release architecture advantage: it completely replaces the traditional chain structure and makes a disruptive breakthrough in the theory of traditional directed acyclic graph (DAG).

3. KDAG has published an analysis article named “How Uniswap V3 can be liquidity focused”, which can be found in https://kdagfoundation.medium.com/how-uniswap-v3-can-be-liquidity-focused-6457be03d391

4. KDAG has published an analysis article named “Highlights of Balancer v2”, which can be found in https://kdagfoundation.medium.com/highlights-of-balancer-v2-ab4ea4117322

5. KDAG community activities in preparation.

6. Preparation for KDAG media promotion.



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