KDAG Monthly Update | November 1–30, 2020

[Technology Development]

In Github, the KDAG Dev team has committed the code 6 times and modified 10 code files.

1. New optimization of the root module of log printing information in processing logic.

2. Add proxyname flag option to test related logic.

3. Add logging logic for the root cmd exception branch, especially the nil condition and discard condition.

4. Test modification of syncAndRunConsensus unit test interface function in hashgraph, modify API display interface.

5. Add error display log and store error log module, remove invalid log branch.

6. Add relamcontrol flag, cmd control flag, add the generate command interface.

7. Add the hash map consensus module TestConsensus interface function logic, test the modification of the interface function logic.

8. Modify the core module getName and syncAndRunConsensus unit test interface functions in hashgraph, and modify the API logic.

9. Add test interface testasync function to test and adjust parameters and adapt to other consensus interface logic.

[Community Development]

  1. KDAG held a community named “Slogan Event”,@AirdropWorld13, @Ken_Knack, @Bangjakers1, @Lijahsari21, @Malini32887414 won the rewards finally.

2. KDAG announced that the KDAG P2P network is upgraded based on WEBRTC, more details at : https://twitter.com/KDAGFoundation/status/1329777656405975043

3. KDAG published technical documentation named <Dynamic Membership>, read details at : https://twitter.com/KDAGFoundation/status/1330529686590427137

4. KDAG published technical documentation named <FastSyne>, read details at : https://twitter.com/KDAGFoundation/status/1330531455408107520

5. KDAG announced the winner list of the <Materials collection event> community event in October and completed the rewards distribution, read details at : https://twitter.com/KDAGFoundation/status/1331929202531057666

6. Plan and prepare the KDAG community Christmas event.

7. Preparation for KDAG media promotion.