KDAG Monthly Update | October 1–31, 2022 by KDAG Foundation

KDAG Foundation
2 min readNov 28, 2022


[Technology Development]

1. In Github, the KDAG Dev team has committed the code 25 times and modified 38 files.

2. Exchange and community technical support, testing to solve code module logic problems.

The details are as follows:

  1. accounts/abi: Bind fix, don’t fetch head in transact unless required. If GasFeeCap and GasTipCap are specified, we don’t need to retrieve the head block for constructing a transaction.
  2. api/types: synchronize handling of types, add a test for big.Int and a test for parsing addresses from [20]byte, []byte and string.
  3. signer/core: improve array check, add some testcases.
  4. node/miner: add logs for displaying fees change, simplify feesInEther calculation, fix lock and change to default recommit to 2 seconds.
  5. cmd/client: add list-accounts and list-wallets to CLI. This commit adds support for two new commands to clef, making it possible to list accounts & wallets from the command-line-interface.
  6. p2p/discover: fix handling of distance 256 in lookupNodes. Noticed that lookupNodes for requests didn’t consider 256 a valid distance. This is actually part of the example in the comment above the function, surprised that wasn’t tested before.
  7. accounts/abi: return error on fixed bytes with size larger than 32 bytes, fixed bytes with size larger than 32 bytes is not allowed and add testcases.
  8. kdag/tracers: add withLog to dagCallTracer. In some cases, it is desirable to capture what is triggered by each trace, when using the dagCallTracer.



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