KDAG Monthly Update | September 1–30, 2021

  1. In Github, the KDAG Dev team has committed the code 48 times and modified 26 files and technical documents.
  2. Community technical support, testing to solve code module logic problems.
  1. Design new keys new package code file, add newNewCmd, newKey and other related commands to create new key pairs, and solve related testing problems.
  2. Design the newInspectCmd command to return to inspect the Ethernet key file, design addInspectFlags to add flags to the Inspect command.
  3. Design the new knode inspect command, and InspectKey related data structure, design the import and export function to resolve the knode key address system.
  4. Design a new knode update command, a new UpdateKeyByMoniker. UpdateKey and other APIs to change the password on the encryption key file, compatible with evm address system, Knode node ecology.
  5. Design new knode location utils command, new locationConfig newLocationCmd InmemKdag NewInmemKdag and other APIs to load or display Kdag/knode configuration file path and configuration options.
  6. Design new keys list code file, add newRunCmd, List, bindFlags and other related basic APIs to start knode node interface, and solve related testing problems.
  7. Design the new Kdag-hub inspect command, design the new InspectKeyByMoniker support Moniker, design the json format import and export to parse the knode key address system.
  8. Design new Kdag-hub crypto package, new GetPrivateKey decrypt keystore and return private key, new NewKeyfileFull — GenerateKeyfile add name support wrapper, new encryptedKeyJSONV3 EncryptedKeyJSONKnode and other data structures, design EncryptKey, WrapKey and other API compatible with evm address system into Knode node ecology.
  9. Design new run files, add newRunCmd, bindFlags and other related basic APIs to start knode node interface, and solve related testing problems.
  10. Design new Kdag-hub genesis package, add Alloc, AllocRecord, JSONGenesisFile, MinimalPeerRecord and other data structures, add buildAlloc and other APIs, test and solve genesis genesis file construction and configuration related issues.
  11. Design a new genesis storage file, add GetStorage function to create a mapping for the storage records of the genesis file for a given set of initial validators.
  12. Design a new knode whitelist file, add functions to read whitelist and other functions and configuration parameters entry API.



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