KDAG’s Latest Development Marks a Successful Start of KDAG Network Construction and Global Expansion

After the strict planning and effective operation, KDAG has achieved fundamental development in technology and community, paving way for its next phase of technology implementation and its global expansion.

In the most recent technology update, KDAG team has extract log, service, data, storage and other metadata configuration parameters to achieve config class object, and designed to introduce sha256 encryption standard and public and private key generation rules. Also, code version control interface parameters were designed and updated, while the LRU algorithm of the cache area were also designed, updated and tested. The team also checked the storage design of error status codes and the separation of business logic, as well as designing and improving the node start logic, and adjusting some parameters, which increased the robustness and improved the corresponding unit test logic. All these are vital and beneficial for KDAG’s future technology development, which can bring great value to the blockchain industry.

As for the community development, KDAG recently released its new logo, along with a new website, both with optimised visual effects. Moreover, the latest promotional video can also be viewed on the updated website. Community activities, media promotion, exchange cooperation are also under preparation, setting the scene for KDAG’s future marketing and global expansion. It is worth mentioning that the KDAG team organised an online small-scale blockchain and DAG technology sharing meeting, in which they conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with the blockchain research institute, ALabs, and other colleagues on the current development of blockchain and DAG technology, demonstrating KDAG’s prestige in the area of DAG technology research and application.

In all, this recent all-round development is critical for KDAG, as it plays an essential role in KDAG’s global expansion and can undoubtedly increase KDAG’s global recognition. With the latest developed technology and community development, KDAG has become an increasingly important part of the blockchain community. Even though the whole network is still at its early stage, KDAG’s unique technology and the development momentum should be enough reason for us to keep an eye on KDAG.

Creating a new generation of blockchain infrastructure.

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